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Luxury Homes in Vail: Don’t Wait For Spring to Start Hunting!

Waiting for the snow to melt may mean missing on great luxury homes for sale in Vail.
Posted by Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Vail on April 28, 2017 in No Category
So often, the idea of cold winter conditions like snow and ice prevents many homebuyers from continuing their real estate hunt through the winter. In Vail, however, that means a good chunk of the year that you might be missing out on the perfect luxury house! Generally speaking, the house selling and buying rush begins in March to provide ample time for all the inspections and closing procedures in time for a summer move. As any skier can tell you, some of the best powder conditions happen in March and ev... read more
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Selling Your Million Dollar Home: Luxury House Sun Valley

Selling a luxury house takes special consideration.
Posted by Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Sun Valley on April 28, 2017 in No Category
Selling a home is never as easy as naming a price, putting it on the market, and walking away with a check - and this is doubly true when it comes to selling luxury homes! Because it is such a popular ski resort and outdoor enthusiast's haven, the Sun Valley/Ketchum area of the Wood River Valley has its fair share of luxury mountain homes. When it comes time to sell your luxury house in Sun Valley/Ketchum, a few extra considerations will need to be made to ensure you’re getting the full value of you... read more
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Is a Fixer-Upper Worth It?

Buying a fixer-upper can be rewarding or frustrating.
Posted by Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Grand Junction on April 28, 2017 in No Category
Homes for Sale: Fixer-upper or Not? How many HGTV shows can you think of currently airing that focus on purchasing a fixer-upper home rather than purchasing property that is move-in ready? Homes for sale that need a bit of TLC can be an excellent option because they allow you to renovate the home to your taste and needs. On the flip side, unfortunately, some home renovations can be more expense and trouble than they’re worth. So, before you dive into homes for sale in Grand Junction, it’s w... read more
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Property For Sale Steamboat Springs: Vacation Rental Considerations

If you love Steamboat Springs, invest in a vacation rental!
Posted by Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Steamboat Springs on April 28, 2017 in No Category
How many times in the last year, five years, ten years, or more have you visited Steamboat Springs? We know we have some of the best skiing and snowboarding runs in the world, made even better by some of the most amazing resort amenities, but there is more to our mountain town than snow sports. In and around Steamboat, you can also enjoy an abundance of scenic vistas and hiking/biking trails during the summer, natural hot springs to relax in, plenty of town-wide festivals and events throughout the year, a... read more
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Staging to Sell

Staging your property for sale can have a big impact on price.
Posted by Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Montrose on April 28, 2017 in No Category
Staging Property for Sale - How Much is Too Much? The last time you walked through a property for sale, how easily could you picture you and your family living there? If you have purchased a home before, odds are good you’ve experienced at least one home tour in which the home was set up in such a way that you could easily picture all of your furniture, photos, and family knick knacks filling the spaces. Staging a home for sale is a great way to both declutter and fill up a home in just the right... read more
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